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It is just a question of making available the experience I have acquired over the years in various fields, now that I am not in active service but have the time at hand and the web access

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Sathya Narayana Raju


University First Gold Medal winning Graduate in Physics and Engineering, specialized in Production Engineering and Metallurgy. Experience in Project Management, Machine Building, Concept, Design and manufacture of Custom Machinery, Automobile Ancillaries, PMDC Motors and Controls, Electronics Prototypes and Development(Both Analog and Digital).

More than 30 years experience in very large companies involved in research & development, automobile and ancillary production, machine manufacture, factory management, set up organization/methods etc.

Wide experience in the following areas:
  • Setting up new hi-tech factories and facilities
  • Project and Feasibility Reports
  • Organization and methods
  • Concepts for special machines for mass production
  • Mass production of items using machinery
  • Hardware systems for computer control
  • Design and development of electronic controls


You may be thinking of any of the following:


Before you start on something serious, before you retain a professional on a contract, you may want some basic, preliminary assessment that will put you on the next step with confidence.

Just e-mail me your question and I will provide you the preliminaries and perhaps some idea on the best way to go further from your present position. I am now retired after a long innings of varied experience including travel all over the world and I am just offering this service to those who need such information - thanks to and only because the web is providing an easy access between you and me....And it is a great pleasure too, to be of use to people.

All information will be treated in confidence and your e-mail id will not be divulged to third parties on any account.


It is all for free -- No strings attached


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Half the problems in this beautiful country will go away if every one is provided with gainful employment